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Table of Contents: Your Journey to Better Media Sharing Starts Here

VideoCom Cloud is a great platform to store, manage, and share media directly uploaded from Presenter, Capture, or even your Personal Images/Videos. Choose a topic below to get started:

VideoCom Cloud Overview

Workspaces: A Virtual Environment for Media Sharing & Collaboration
Storage Spaces & Collections: Organizing Your Cloud Media
Individual/Batch Media File Operations: Manage Files Like a Pro
Sharing Media Files via Direct Link, Email, or Website Embed Code
Adding Comments to Uploaded Media: Engage Your Clients Directly

Take Full Control of Your Media

Media File Settings: Have Control of What Others Can Do to Your Media
Descriptions & Tags: Labeling Your Cloud Media Properly
Video Inserts: Adding Video Within a Video in Seamless Transition
Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Adding Interactive Buttons to Your Media
Transcripts: Make Your Media More Accessible & Inclusive
Attachments: Adding Files to Media for Enhanced Interaction
Analytics & Insights: Target Leads & Opportunities More Effectively

Troubleshooting and Help

Migrating Media from XSplit Cloud to Your New Workspace
What To Do If Uploaded Media in the Cloud Shows Black

Boost Your Sales Accessibility with On-Demand Demo Videos

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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