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What To Do If Uploaded Media in the Cloud Shows Black

Uploaded video appears black when played back in the Cloud

In the event that the video you uploaded on VideoCom Cloud appears black when played back, please check the following:

Some encoders may not be compatible with your browser (e.g. Videos using MPEG4 and H265 as an encoder may not display properly). Try to use a different encoder like H.264 and see if this helps.

Corrupted Video File
Check if the video can be played with no issues using your computer's media player, to eliminate the possibility that the video file itself may be corrupted.

Browser addons/extensions
You may need to check if you have addons/extensions that can affect how media files are played back on the browser.

Check your browser for updated
It's always best to update your browser to the latest stable version to ensure that all media files are displayed correctly

Re-upload your media file
It could be that there was an issue while the file was being uploaded. Try re-uploading the file and see if that fixes the issue.

If the issue persists, feel free to talk to us by clicking the chat icon at the bottom-right portion of the VideoCom website.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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