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Call-to-Actions (CTAs): Adding Interactive Buttons to Your Media

Enhance your video prospecting content with interactive Call-to-Action (CTA). Adding CTAs to your sales videos helps drive engagement, guide viewers, track performance, generate leads, and improve sales, enhancing the effectiveness of your content.

This guide will walk you through the process of adding CTAs, customizing their appearance, and engaging viewers effectively.

Adding CTAs

To add a CTA to your media content, follow these steps:

Go to the media's page where you want to incorporate a CTA.

Look for the Calls to Action icon among the tools on the upper right side of the page and click on it.

Click the Calls to Action icon > + Add New button

If there are existing CTAs, you'll find them listed. To create a new CTA, click Add New.

Click + Add New

Specify the webpage URL where you want viewers to be directed when they interact with your CTA. Ensure the URL is relevant and aligns with the purpose of your CTA.

Enter the webpage URL

Select either Button or Hotspot as the trigger type.

Button adds a clickable graphic element to your media.

Hotspot creates an interactive area that is clickable.

Customizing CTAs

Based on the chosen trigger type, you can customize a CTA as listed below:

For Button CTAs: Set the button's text, shape, color, appearance, and set when it will show and hide (on videos).

Customizing a Button Call-To-Action

For Hotspot CTAs: Adjust the hotspot's size, position, and set when it will show and hide (on videos).

Customizing a Hotspot Call-To-Action

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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