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Video Inserts: Adding Video Within a Video in Seamless Transition

Video Inserts allow you to embed supplementary videos within your primary recording to enhance your message, all without interrupting the flow of the original video. The main video resumes automatically once the inserted video finishes playing. Video Inserts function much like CTAs, but instead of launching a new tab or window, they allow an additional video to play within the current recording. This makes your regular videos interactive, allowing for more creativity and efficiency when making and sharing videos for sales pitch.

This guide will show you how to add Video Inserts to elevate your message and engage your viewers effectively.

Creating Video Inserts

To create a Video Insert in VideoCom, follow these steps:

Click on the Video Inserts icon located in the toolbar, then select + Add new to open the "Add Video Insert" popup.

Provide the URL of the supplemental video you want to embed. This URL will direct viewers to the additional video when the Video Insert is activated.

Only Media URLs from VideoCom are accepted.

Choose the trigger type for your Video Insert:

Generate a clickable button that viewers can interact with.

Create an interactive area within your video that plays the additional video content when clicked. Hotspots offer an immersive experience without the need for a separate visible button.

Plays the Video Insert automatically at any specified Start Time.

Customize your Video Insert button (if applicable):

Button Text
Add a descriptive label to your Video Insert button.

Button Color
Modify the color of your Video Insert button.

Button Text Color
Adjust the text color of your Video Insert button.

Button Shape
Choose between square and rounded designs for your Video Insert button.

Set the start and end times for your Video Insert:

Start Time
Determine when the Video Insert button or hotspot should appear during the video.

End Time
Specify when the Video Insert button or hotspot should disappear.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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