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Workspaces: Cloud-Based Media Sharing & Collaboration

VideoCom workspaces are virtual environments that allow VideoCom users to collaborate and share resources with each other. This is a great video prospecting solution that allows you to store, organize, and share your videos with clients within the cloud.

Workspaces are hosted on remote servers, or “in the cloud”, and can be accessed from any browser with an internet connection. Resources in workspaces can range from media created via VideoCom Presenter, VideoCom Capture, or uploaded directly from the browser, along with file attachments added within these stored media.

Inviting Users
Managing Members
Workspace Roles
Basic and Pro Plans
Workspace Settings
My Workspace
Leaving workspaces

Inviting Users

To invite new members to your workspace and grant them instant access to all files, follow these steps:

Look for the name of your workspace at the upper part of your VideoCom Cloud screen.

Click on "Invite members" and enter the email addresses of the users you wish to invite.

Choose between a free account (limited storage and file count) or a paid account (pro account with no restrictions).

Alternatively, upload a CSV file with email addresses or generate an invitation link for easy sign-ups.

Enter the email addresses or upload a CSV file.

Managing Members

In the first tab of VideoCom Cloud's settings, you can search for and manage workspace members. You have the ability to invite new members, edit their details, and assign roles.

Workspace Roles

Understand the distinct roles in VideoCom Cloud:

Workspace Owner
As the owner, you have administrative rights and access to all features.

Workspace Admin
This role is granted administrative privileges for the workspace.

Workspace Member
Regular users without administrative privileges.

Remember, your role can vary across different workspaces.

Basic and Pro Plans

VideoCom Cloud offers two plans: Basic and Pro.

Basic Plan
Free tier with limited storage, file count, cloud recording, and basic media insights.

Pro Plan
Paid tier with unlimited storage, local recording, advanced media insights, customized share page, and video editing features.

Plan selection applies individually to each workspace.


The status of each member (Active or Removed) is determined by the workspace owner or admin, facilitating easy access and participation management.

Workspace Settings

Customize various aspects of your workspace in the Workspace Settings tab, including name and logo. You can enable members to invite new users, restrict access to specific email domains, and configure global settings for all media, such as comments, downloads, and view counts.

Enjoy the flexibility and control offered by VideoCom Cloud as you collaborate seamlessly within your workspace.### Setting a default workspace
A default workspace is whichever workspace a user is automatically directed to whenever they log in. Default workspaces can be changed at any time by the user.

To change the default workspace, click your profile and select Account Settings.

In the Default Workspace section, select the workspace from the dropdown menu. A green checkmark will flash on whichever workspace you set as default.

My Workspace

A personal workspace called My Workspace will be created in the situation when a user signs up without an invite to an existing team. This created workspace can be customized at any time.

To customize the workspace, click the arrow button next to the workspace name and select Workspace Settings.

Note: If a member of multiple workspaces, you may need to switch workspaces first to get to your personal workspace.

You will be sent to the Workspace Admin, where you can change details such as the Members, Settings, Plan & Pricing, and Customization (for branding).

Workspace Admin settings

Leaving workspaces

Users can join and leave multiple workspaces anytime.

To leave a workspace, click your profile and select Account Settings.

In your Profile, go to the Leave a Workspace section and select the name of the workspace you want to leave. Once selected, click the Leave workspace button.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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