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Sharing Media Files via Direct Link, Email, or Website Embed Code

Learn how to effortlessly share your video prospecting files using direct links, email, or by embedding them on your website, ensuring maximum reach and security for your content.

To copy links and access sharing options for your files, follow these steps:

Locate the three-dot icon (kebab menu) at the bottom right corner of the file's thumbnail in the tile view, or at the top-right corner when viewing a specific file.

Clicking kebab menu gives access to the media's Copy link and Share button

Alternatively, when viewing a specific file the kebab menu is located at the top right.

Click the three-dot icon to open a dropdown menu offering various options.

In the dropdown menu, select either Copy link for a quick sharing option or Share for more control over file sharing.

Sharing Methods

When you choose the 'Share' option, a popup window will appear with three distinct sharing methods:

"Share" Tab

The "Share" tab provides a shareable link that can be freely distributed. You have the flexibility to restrict viewing access to only workspace members or allow anyone with the link to view the content. To enhance security, you can request viewers to provide their name and email, with the option for email verification. Additionally, you can set the start time of the shared video to direct viewers to a specific part of the content.

Share options provide granular controls over how the file is shared

"For Web" Tab

The "For Web" tab offers an iframe code that can be embedded into your website, enabling viewers to access your video directly from your site.

Clicking Copy Embed Code will add the iframe code to the clipboard

"For Email" Tab

The "For Email" tab provides a code that, when pasted into an email, offers a preview of your media and automatically inserts its title, creating a professional and engaging email invitation.

Clicking Copy Email Preview Link will copy a link to an image/gif preview of your media

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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