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Storage Spaces & Collections: Organizing Your Cloud Media

When using the VideoCom Cloud platform, you will have access to two distinct storage spaces: "My Media" and "Team Media." This guide will explain the purpose of each storage space and how to effectively manage your files within them.

My Media
This is your personal storage space for individual files. To access it, click on the My Media section in the left menu bar.

Team Media
This is a shared space for all media files your team has shared. To access it, click the "Team Media" section in the left menu bar.

Having a virtual office storage for your created media for you and your sales organization is a great way to improve how you collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients.

Uploading Media

Uploading Media is available on workspaces with a Pro license.

To upload media, click the +New button and select Upload Media in the dropdown menu.

The process of uploading media

On the modal, you can then drag and drop files from your computer, or click to Browse.

This feature supports .jpeg, .jpg, .png, and .mp4 files


Collections allow you to group files together within each storage space.

Creating a New Collection

To create a new collection, there are two methods:

Click New Collection at the top of your media list. It will prompt you to type in a new name. When finished, press Enter.

Click the +New button and, in the dropdown menu, select Add Collection. It will prompt you to type in a new name and select which storage to save it on. When finished, click Add Collection.

The process of creating a new collection

When added, your new collection will have its own section at the top of your media list.

Updated on: 17/10/2023

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