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Adding Video Inserts on Targeted Slides in Your Presentation

In-app Video Inserts are supplementary videos that automatically play in-between slides. This is a great feature to have when creating your sales pitch video, as it allows optional videos to be presentations that viewers can skip at anytime. This gives your potential clients a more interactive and personalized experience.

Important: Video Inserts are only viewable for video presentations uploaded in the cloud directly from the app. Recorded video presentations saved locally will not show the video inserts.

Working With Video Inserts In VideoCom Presenter
Viewing Cloud Videos with Video Inserts and Basic Operations
Customizing Video Inserts from the Cloud

Working With Video Inserts In VideoCom Presenter

Open your Presentation file in the desktop app. Click the slide you wish to add a Video Insert on.

Go to +Add Slide, then select Video Insert

Clicking +Add Slide and Selecting Video Inserts from the dropdown menu

A popup should appear, giving you access to videos currently uploaded in your Workspace. Select a file, then click Add Video.

Showing a video from your Workspace being selected to use as a Video Insert

You can add multiple Video Inserts to a single slide

The video insert/s should appear below your selected slide. You will notice that the Video Insert is not playable in-app. This is normal.

Showing the Video Insert placed below your selected slide, indicating that the Video Insert will play right after showing that slide.

To Delete Video Inserts, hover your cursor over the Video Insert. The Delete icon should appear at the lower-right. Click Delete and confirm the removal of the video insert by clicking Delete once more in the popup. (NOTE: This action cannot be undone)

Dragging the cursor over the Video Insert slide reveals the Delete icon.

Start recording your video presentation. Please note that the Video Inserts will not play as you switch slides, to give you an uninterrupted recording experience.

Once done, stop the recording and make sure Save to cloud is enabled before saving the presentation.

Ensuring that Save to Cloud is enabled before saving your Presentation

Once saved, you can check your video right away by clicking View your recording from the confirmation popup. You can also access the video in your Workspace at anytime.

Viewing Cloud Videos with Video Inserts and Basic Operations

Go to your video in the cloud, then click Play.

The Video Insert will play automatically after showing your assigned slide.

If you wish to skip the Video Insert and proceed to the next slide, click the skip icon at the upper right corner of the video.

If you've added more than one Video Insert to a single slide, clicking the skip icon will skip the entire series.

Customizing Video Inserts from the Cloud

By default, Video Inserts added from Presenter are set to play automatically. Clicking the Video icon in the cloud grants you access to useful editing tools that will allow you customize your existing Video Inserts for that presentation.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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