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How to Record Your Video Presentation from Start to Finish

VideoCom Presenter gives you the ability to record your presentation and save it in the cloud for easy sharing, or as an MP4 file for uploading later. This is an amazing tool for pre-recording sales pitches more efficiently.

Before you Start Recording
Starting your Recording
Recording Controls
Review and Save your Recording

Before you Start Recording

Before you start your recording, please check the following:

Your microphone and audio device settings to ensure that your voice will be recorded as needed.

Check and confirm your Recording Location.

The ability to save recordings to your local drive is only possible for Pro license users.

Starting your Recording

To start recording, click the Record button at the lower center part of the app. A 3-second countdown will start to give you enough time to prepare.

Clicking the Record button to record your presentation in VideoCom Presenter

While recording, you can control your slides as usual.

Recording Controls

The Record tools that appears at the bottom center of the app while a recording takes place

Click here to finish the recording.

Redo Slide Recording
Click this to redo the recording of the current slide.

Click this to pause the current recording session. Clicking this while paused resumes the recording.

Toggling the Pause and Resume buttons during recording

Review and Save your Recording

After clicking Stop, you can review your recording before saving it. A preview of the recording is displayed in the Review and Save popup.

The Review and Save popup appears after you stop your recording

Title and Description
Personalize your recorded video further by adding your very own Title and Description before it gets saved to your computer/cloud, to make it easier to find later.

Save to Cloud
Toggle this to enable saving the video to your VideoCom Cloud. Here you can change the Workspace and the Collection where you want to save the video.

Save locally
Enable this to allow saving the video to your computer as an MP4 file (Pro license feature only)

You can either Discard or Save the video when done.

Discarding the video permanently deletes the recording from the app.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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