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Create Video Presentations for Your Sales Pitch Using AI or Tome AI is an AI-powered storytelling format that can generate presentation slides based on prompts. Tome also has a URL share feature, which you can send to recipients of your choosing or presentation software such as VideoCom Presenter.

Struggling to come up with the most effective sales pitch that fits your particular client's needs? Then using VideoCom Presenter with Tome will make things a lot easier for you.

This article will show you how to add your Tome creations to VideoCom Presenter as a webpage source.

How to create and share a Tome presentation

Click Create at the upper-right portion of the app.

Highlighting the Create button at the upper-right portion of the Tome app.

Enter your prompt. Tome will then automatically generate a series of slides based on your prompt. Work on your content through Tome.

Type a prompt describing the type of content you'd like to generate in Tome.

When done, click Share and select Copy Link.

Clicking Share and Copy Link makes your Tome content available in the clipboard for VideoCom Presenter to display as a webpage overlay later.

How to add Tome presentations to VideoCom Presenter

There are two methods of adding Tome presentations to VideoCom Presenter: the first is as a slide, and the second is as an overlay element, which will go on top of an existing slide.

As a slide

Click Add Slide and select Webpage.

Clicking +Add Slide and selecting Webpage allows you to add and display a webpage to the app.

2 Paste the Tome share URL in the field and click Add.

Paste the link you copied from Tome to show your entire presentation to Presenter.

A new slide will appear with your Tome presentation inside VideoCom Presenter and is interactable within the Presenter window.

As an overlay element

To add overlay elements you will need to have an existing slide selected.

On the right panel, click Webpage.

Selecting Webpage at the right toolbar allows you to paste Tome's webpage URL.

Paste the Tome share URL in the field and click Add.

Paste your copied Tome link and click Add to display your content and freely resize/move it anywhere within the slide.

Your Tome presentation will appear on top of your existing slide and is interactable within the Presenter window.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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