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Customizing the Application Settings to Your Liking

To access Settings, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the app, and then select Settings.

Accessing Settings from VideoCom Presenter's main menu

VideoCom Presenter settings are separated into a handful of different categories.



The General Settings Tab

Enable Snapping for overlay elements
Snapping helps you align Presenter elements within your slide by snapping elements together when they are close.

Hide Presenter from Screen Capture
This option is useful when you don't have screen real estate but still want to use screen capture. This will hide VideoCom Presenter from screen capture so no one can see behind the scenes.

Enable countdown before recording
Enabling this option will ensure you're ready when starting a recording by displaying a 3-second countdown before the recording actually starts.


The Audio Settings Tab


The device selected here will act as your microphone while you perform recordings.

Input Volume
Allows you to change how loud your microphone is here. You can combine this with the Microphone Preview to ensure you can be heard loud and clear.

This gives you the option to preview your microphone so that you can ensure you have the right device selected and that you can be heard clearly.

Enable Noise Suppression
Noise Suppression will help remove unwanted background noise from your microphone.

Enable Echo Cancellation
Stops your voice from echoing back from your speakers so it does not go back to your microphone.

Audio Device

Choose your headphones or speakers where you would like to hear VideoCom Presenter's audio. Typically this can be left as default but you may use both headphones and speakers at the same time, so this will give you additional options.

Change how loud audio from Presenter is captured in your recordings.

Shows the audio activity being played through your selected playback device.


The Recording Settings Tab


Shows how much data is used by VideoCom Presenter to encode and transmit video content. We recommend leaving this to its default value in most cases.

Recording Location

This setting gives you the choice of where your recordings will be saved.

Your recording will be uploaded to VideoCom Cloud and be available to share immediately.

Your recording will be saved as a video file on your computer in the directory you specify in Local Directory.

The recording will be saved in both the cloud and on your computer simultaneously.

Local Directory
Specifies where your recordings will be saved on your computer. Click the Change button if you want your videos to be saved in a different folder.


The Hotkeys Settings Tab

Hotkeys allow you to create keyboard shortcuts to an assortment of VideoCom Presenter actions and annotations. Providing you with a more convenient way to interact with Presenter.

Select the field for your action of choice to assign a hotkey and then press your desired keyboard key combination.

You can remove a hotkey by clicking the x symbol next to the hotkey.


The Language Tab

You can change the language of your app here.

VideoCom Presenter is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, and Japanese.


The Connections Tab

Use this to connect your Google account with VideoCom Presenter, which allows you to import Google Slides Presentation files to your project.


The About Settings Tab

The About tab shows your VideoCom Presenter version and can be helpful when reaching out for support.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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