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Starting a Screen Capture with VideoCom Capture

There are two ways to start capturing your screen using this software:

Click on the VideoCom Capture icon in your system tray (or menu bar for macOS) and select Start Capture.


Use a hotkey to start capturing. By default, the hotkey for starting a capture is by pressing the CTRL + Print Screen keys (Shift-Command-5 for macOS).

You can customize starting a capture anytime in the VideoCom Capture Hotkeys settings.

Selecting Capture Type

Once you have initiated the capture, a prompt will appear, giving you the option to Take a Screenshot or Record a Video.

You can press the hotkey "S" for a screenshot or "V" for a video.

Screen Capture Modes

VideoCom Capture offers three screen capture modes:

- Full Screen: This option captures your entire screen.
- Window: This option captures the active window on your screen.
- Region: This option allows you to select a specific area of your screen to capture.

By default, VideoCom Capture automatically selects the window your mouse is hovering over. Moving your mouse to another window will automatically select that window. Moving and clicking your mouse on the desktop screen will automatically capture your entire screen..

To use the region mode, click and hold anywhere on the screen, then drag the rectangle to encompass the desired area and shape. You can use the magnifying tool to ensure accurate selection.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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