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Application Settings: Customizing Your Capture Experience

Right-click on VideoCom Capture's taskbar icon, then select Settings to open the app's settings window.

The Settings option selected from the VideoCom Capture icon in the taskbar

General Tab
Hotkeys Tab

General Tab

The General Options allow you to change the app's behavior.

VideoCom Capture's General Settings


Automatically open browser / local directory after uploading media
Checking this will automatically open a browser and take you to your VideoCom Account Dashboard's Workspace Media, and/or open the local folder to show your newly-uploaded capture

Startup when system starts
Checking this will allow VideoCom Capture to run in your system tray automatically when your computer starts.

Show capture frame and action bar in recordings
This option displays your capture's frame as well as the app's action bar.

Include system and process information with uploads
This includes a snapshot of your computer's information along with the upload, which can be useful for things like troubleshooting.

Change where your captures are saved

VideoCom Capture allows you to choose where your captured media are stored.

Captured media from VideoCom Capture can be saved locally, in the cloud, or both

The file is uploaded directly in your VideoCom Account Dashboard's Workspace Media.

The file will be saved directly to your computer (Default location is C:\Users\<username>\My Captures).

The file is uploaded to the cloud and saved to your computer simultaneously.

Navigating your captured media

Access your captured media by clicking the VideoCom Capture icon in your system tray and selecting My Captures.

My Captures highlighted when right-clicking the VideoCom Capture icon from the taskbar

Locally captured media files, on the other hand, are located in %UserProfile%\My Captures directory by default.

The My Captures local folder

You have an option to change the location of your local media files in the settings and by clicking Change under Local Directory Captured Media.

Highlighting the Change button to change VideoCom Capture&apos;s local capture folder location

Hotkeys Tab

You can change the hotkey to whichever set of keys when you start capture, pause/resume recording, start/stop recording. The hotkey will react globally, so we recommend that you set a combination of keys.

VideoCom Capture&apos;s Hotkeys Settings tab

Click Reset to Defaults to revert VideoCom Capture to its original hotkeys setting

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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