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Presenter Notes: A Great Tool for Speaker Guidance and Confidence

Presenter Notes is a tool you can use to add cues and reminders during your presentation. This virtual cue card solution is an invaluable resource for those who need to have their thoughts organized throughout a live or recorded sales presentation.

Presenter notes in use on three different slides in VideoCom Presenter

Use Presenter Notes to:

Structure your presentation by providing a clear outline of key points, subtopics, or other important details

Make it easier for you to recall key information

Make important information readily available to make you feel more confident and prepared

Your presentation notes originally added using PowerPoint and Google Slides are also automatically imported when you import the file to VideoCom Presenter.

Changing the Presenter Notes Placement In-app

You can change the location of the Presenter Notes to be above or below your slide. This is very useful when you want better eye contact with your audience, by changing its placement in-app where your camera is closer.

The Change Position icon

To do this, click the Change Position icon at the upper-right portion of the Presenter Notes, then choose between Top and Bottom.

Changing the Presenter notes position from bottom to top

Hiding Presenter Notes

There may be times when you don't want Presenter Notes to show. Fortunately, hiding this part of the app is very easy to do in VideoCom Presenter.

The Show Notes icon

Go to the Annotations toolbar, then click the Show Notes icon to toggle between hiding and showing Presenter Notes in-app.

Clicking the Show Notes icon to show/hide the Presenter Notes

Hiding Presenter Notes can also make the Slide view bigger, which might be beneficial to those who prefer it that way.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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