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Optimizing Your Presentation Using Annotations

VideoCom Presenter's Annotations toolbar provides various tools that enhance your ability to highlight and communicate parts of your presentation, allowing for more clarity and context.

By default, the Annotations toolbar is located at the upper right corner of the Presenter Notes pane.

VideoCom Presenter's Annotations toolbar

Laser Pointer

The Laser Pointer adds a laser pointer effect to the cursor so you can highlight key information, data, or visuals on your slide.

The Laser Pointer annotation tool


The Freehand annotation gives you the ability to draw on a slide using your mouse. Place your cursor on a slide, then click and hold to begin drawing.

The Freehand annotation tool


Use this to highlight parts of your slide with a shape of a circle.

The Circle annotation tool


Use this to highlight parts of your slide with a shape of a rectangle.

The Rectangle annotation tool


This tool is commonly used if you want to point to certain parts of your slide that indicates connections or directions.

The Arrow annotation tool


Use this tool to change the color of your annotations.

The colors of your annotations can be changed via the Color tool

Try using different annotation colors in your slide to easily distinguish groups of information and ideas.


Use this to change the thickness of your annotations.

The thickness of your annotations can be adjusted via the Size tool

Updated on: 29/06/2023

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