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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VideoCom Presenter?

Presenter allows you to create and record dynamic and engaging video presentations and share them with ease. We integrate with the most popular presentation software such as PowerPoint and Google Slides. You can even use your PDF presentations.

What is VideoCom Capture?

Easily take screenshots and record screen captures. Capture is a tool that allows you to show exactly what you're talking about with added tools such as annotations and subtitles.

What is VideoCom Cloud?

Share and collaborate on media you've created with your team and others. Cloud allows you to upload your own media or from content you've created using Capture or Presenter. From there you can create call-to-actions, leave comments or even give viewers an easier way to navigate through your recorded video presentations.

How much do the VideoCom Products cost?

Our products are free to use! However, to increase the amount of files you can store on VideoCom Cloud and to unlock additional features, you can subscribe to VideoCom Pro for $8/month billed annually or $10/month when paid monthly.

What are the system requirements for Presenter and Capture?

For Presenter, click here
System Requirements for Capture coming soon

Do Presenter and Capture work for both macOS and Windows? How about Linux?

Right now, VideoCom Presenter and Capture are available for both Windows and Mac.

Where can I get support for the VideoCom products?

You can reach out for support using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of this page.

Where can I submit feedback or ideas?

If you are an existing VideoCom user and want to share your feedback regarding VideoCom Presenter, VideoCom Capture, or VideoCom Cloud, you may click on the chat bubble in the lower right corner to get support or to share feedback about your experience. We also welcome ideas and new feature suggestions.

Where are the release notes for Presenter and Capture?

You can find release notes on our blog.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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