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How to Generate and Share Your MSINFO32 File with Support

The MSINFO32 file comprehensively overviews your computer's hardware and software specifications. Its sole purpose is to help diagnose and resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your system. Once we've completed the troubleshooting process, it will be promptly erased.

This is only applicable when troubleshooting issues in Windows.

Generating the MSINFO32 .NFO file

Go to the Start Menu.

While the Start Menu is open, type System Information.

Upon searching, the Best Match Search Results should display the System Information app. Press the Enter key to open it.

Navigate to the System Information window and choose the Save option from the File menu.

System Information window

Locate a directory of your choice, input a preferred filename, and finalize the process by selecting the Save option.

After successfully saving the file, return to the Support Chat window and click on the icon that allows you to send a file. This icon is typically located beside the message box.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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