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Unlocking Pro Features: How to Redeem Your Apps Pro License Key

Have a redemption code? Follow the steps below to redeem your VideoCom Apps Pro License:

Click here to go to the redemption page.

Enter your email address and redemption key in the boxes, then click Redeem Now.

First step: Enter your email address and redemption key

If you have an existing VideoCom account, enter the email address associated with it if you wish to upgrade it.

A 6-digit code will be sent to your email:

Sample of a 6-digit code sent by VideoCom to your email inbox

Enter the code you received from your inbox then click Login.

The 6-digit code sent to your email is entered in the box

Existing VideoCom accounts should now be upgraded to Apps Pro. For new accounts, please proceed to step 4.

You will be asked to set up your new VideoCom Workspace. Enter your preferred workspace name, then click the Next Icon.

Naming your new VideoCom Account's very first Workspace

Finally, check the use case/s that matches what you intend to use VideoCom for. Click Finalize setup when done.

Selecting your use case/s to determine how you intend to use VideoCom

Once done, your account should be upgraded. Click here to know more about the different features available for your license.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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