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Displaying your Video Presentation to a Projector Screen

You can directly display your VideoCom Presenter Slides to another connected display such as a monitor or projector. VideoCom Presenter is a perfect tool to project your improved sales video presentations to a live audience in a conference room!

Projecting your Slides to Another Display

Click the Present button at the bottom center portion of the app.

Clicking the Present button at the bottom-center of the VideoCom Presenter app

In the Present popup, select Project to a screen

Selecting the "Project to a screen" option in the Present popup

Select the screen from the list where you want to display your slides.

Select your preferred resolution.

Select the monitor where you want the presentation to be projected. In this example, we're using Monitor 2.

Only 1280x720 is currently available. We're actively making improvements to support 1920x1080 very soon.

Click OK when done.

Controlling your Projected Slides

Using Hotkeys, it should be very easy to control your slides. By default, the PAGE DOWN and PAGE UP keys are used to switch from one slide to another.

Go to Settings > Hotkeys to customize the hotkeys to your own preference.

Leaving Projector Mode

Press ESC to exit the full-screen mode. Clicking X fully closes the projected slides.

The option to fully exit the presentation will be available when you click ESC over a full screen presentation.

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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