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Adding a Text Source to your Slide

VideoCom Presenter allows you to add simple texts to complement your visuals.

Adding a Text Source to your Slide
Moving and Resizing the Text Box
Text Source Properties

Adding a Text Source to Your Slide

Go to your preferred slide.

Click the Text icon in the toolbar at the upper-right portion of the app. A text box should appear at the center of the slide.

Type in your desired text.

Moving and Resizing the Text Box

You can move or resize your text source box and place them anywhere within the slide. To do this:

Click the Text source you wish to modify

Hover your cursor near the edge of the Text box until it changes into a move icon. Hold and drag the Text box to your desired location.

To change the Text box size, hover your cursor to a corner, then hold and drag the Text box to adjust its size.

Adjusting the Text box size only resizes the text's visible area. To resize the actual texts, you can do it via the Text Source Properties.

Text Source Properties

VideoCom Presenter's Text Source Properties features tools that allow you to modify the text to your desired format:

Times New Roman
Courier New
Comic Sans MS

Font Size
You can resize your text size from 10 to 100 (given in increments of 10)

You have 60 different colors to choose from to match your presentation's color scheme

Bold; Italic; Underline

Bullets and Numbering
Use this to create lists and sequence of steps

Text Alignment
This ensures your texts are aligned to your preferred orientation

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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