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Taking Screenshots and Recording Videos

With your region selected and annotations in place, you're ready to capture a screenshot, take a scrolling screenshot, or start a video recording.

Taking a Screenshot

To take a screenshot using VideoCom Capture, you have two options:
Click on the camera icon in the toolbar to take a screenshot. Depending on your VideoCom Capture Settings, the screenshot will be saved either in VideoCom Cloud, as a local file on your computer, or both.


Click the "Copy" button to copy the screenshot to your clipboard. This allows you to paste the image into any application of your choice, including VideoCom Presenter.

Take a Scrolling Screenshot

To capture a scrolling screenshot with VideoCom Capture:

On the toolbar menu, find the arrow next to the camera icon and click on it.
From the dropdown menu, choose Take a Scrolling Screenshot.
Click on the scrolling screenshot icon to begin.
As your screenshot progresses, use the down arrow or mouse scroll wheel to navigate the page, capturing everything as you scroll.
Click the scrolling screenshot icon again to end the capture.

Recording a Video

On the toolbar menu, click the video camera icon to start recording the selected region.

To temporarily pause the recording, click the Pause Recording button, and click Record to resume.

To restart the recording process without saving the current capture, click the Redo Recording button.

Add narration or description to the video using your microphone (system audio is optional).
Click the "Stop" button to end the recording.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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