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Saving logs with DebugView

If you're having issues with Presenter and would like to assist in providing our team with more information, you can use a little app called DebugView to generate logs which you can then send to us through support.


DebugView is a tool from Microsoft that lets users monitor debug output and is what we use to generate debug logs for VideoCom Presenter. Read more about DebugView here.

Download DebugView here

DebugView download link

How to capture logs with DebugView?

To start generating and saving logs, we first need to make an adjustment to VideoCom Presenters config file

Navigate to the Presenter config file VideoComPresenter.exe.config which can be found in C:\Program Files\VideoCom\Presenter

Open VideoComPresenter.exe.config in a text editor of your choice, Notepad is fine for this

Add the following line <disableLoggerHandler value="0" /> near the bottom of the config file, before </appSettings> and then save your changes

Open/launch DebugView.exe that you downloaded earlier

Open/launch VideoCom Presenter (If it was already open, close it and re-open it)

Reproduce the issue you're having in VideoCom Presenter

DebugView should start populating with information

In the DebugView.exe app, click on File -> Save As...

Choose the location you wish to save your file and give it a name and then click Save

Send the newly created .log file to the support chat

If you're having issues following this guide, feel free to speak with us by clicking the chat icon at the lower-right corner of the VideoCom Website.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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